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This Weekend
September 3, 2009, 2:51 pm
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This weekend happens to be Labor Day, which is always both bittersweet and fun.  Bittersweet since it is the “official” end of summer, and when I was a kid, it meant that school was back for real (although we did start the week before), and fun because it contains the event of the year, as far as I was concerned, at least for the first 18 years of my life.

Every Labor Day weekend (and now it’s Fri-Mon), the Woodstock Fair is the place to be.  Growing up in a small town, the fair was our claim to fame.  It’s your typical fair, with tons of terrible for you food, a midway (complete with Carnies), animals, tractor pulls, go karts, airbrushed tshirts (which I always claim I am going to buy, but never do).

I think I have missed it only a few times, last year was one that stands out, but we had houseguests, so I guess I can forvive them.  This weekend we’ll be heading to my parents house, and working their church’s chicken bbq on Sunday.  Not only do we volunteer for a few hours, but by doing so we get free admission and free parking!  My dad happens to pretty much run the chicken bbq at this point, and I have volunteered for many, many years, and then dragged my husband along not too long after we started dating.

I’m looking forward to beautiful weather, lots of fun (I drag him on rides after we’re done working), tons of food, and getting away for a bit!

What are your plans for this “last” summer weekend?


Weekend in the “Country”
August 12, 2009, 2:15 am
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This past weekend my husband and I started our staycation, and went on a weekend “getaway” to my parents house in rural CT.  My sister in law, her husband, and nephew came along for the ride.

One of the things we did that I haven’t done in AGES is go blueberry picking.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather, it was in the mid 70’s and sunny.  Not your typical August Saturday, but I’ll take it.  Unfortunately the next day was not so nice, but we still had a great time.

We picked a TON of blueberries, and made blueberry crisp (or crumble, however you want to call it), and blueberry pancakes.  Naturally I don’t actually eat blueberries, but I do like to pick them.

In addition to blueberries, we grilled a ton, sat outside when it was nice, and went out for local ice cream.  My nephew was a great photo subject, we (my husband and I were both photographers for the weekend) were able to get some really cute shots of him.

Being not yet two, he was naturally in heaven.  Trucks, tractors, cats, dogs, blueberry picking, running outside, ice cream, you name it.  Who knew watching my brother wash his truck is so exciting?

It was a great start to my staycation, and it’s been going so well thus far!  I’m totally not going to want to go back to work next week…

August 7, 2009, 12:10 pm
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Today marks the first official day of my staycation!  It couldn’t have come at a better time, when I need a break from work and the world.  This summer has been incredibly busy, both in life and at work, and now I’ll have a week to just breathe.

Normally I would be headed to Charleston, SC which also happens to be where I got married, but this summer we decided to stay local.

This weekend we’ll be heading out to the “country” aka my hometown in rural CT to house sit for my parents, who will be in South Carolina.  At the beach.

My hometown is rural and actually quite pretty, although when I lived there I never appreciated it, I just wanted to get the heck out.  So now when I go back, I can appreciate it a bit more.  The rolling hills, the scenery, (the cows), the winding roads, the small town things that you miss in the city, like local lakes, favorite spots to eat at, local ice cream!

My sister in law, her husband, and our not quite 2 year old nephew will also be joining us, so it should be fun.  They’ve never really been, and so we can do all of the “touristy” things, like go to get ice cream, hit up the local winery, possibly pick blueberries at a local orchard, hit up farm stands.

And of course my dad will have stocked the fridge with plenty of beer and wine, so we should be all set!