14 Foot Ceilings


My name is Lindsey and I’m a lover of shoes, picky eater, reality tv junky, art school grad, a little crazy cat ladyish, and connoisseur of junk food.  I happen to have another blog that is all about food, called picky eatings.  I started 14 foot ceilings as a new project during the summer of 2009, when my husband and I made the leap from renters to home(or condo, rather) owners.  We moved from a traditional Boston apartment with smallish rooms, creaky unlevel floors, 8 foot ceilings, no kitchen, to a loft with two doors – bathroom and front door, concrete floors, wood beams, and 14 foot ceilings.

I wanted to chronicle our adventures of adjusting to life in a new place, new neighborhood, and new responsibilities.  For the first time, since I moved to Boston from a small town in CT just over 8 years ago, I finally own something of my own.  And it is terrifying and completely satisfying at the same time.

I hope to use this new blog to share my design ideas and dilemmas, fun finds, my hobbies (there are many besides cooking), funny stories, and everything in between.


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