14 Foot Ceilings

November 10, 2009, 1:48 pm
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Um, so I know Halloween was ages ago at this point.  But I forgot I had some pictures my brother in law had taken, so I thought I would finally share them.

I didn’t do too much on Halloween, as usual we went to my sister in law’s to help hand out candy and do a little trick or treating with my nephew.  Here he is as an adorable giraffe, which was appropriate, seeing as he loves animals right now.

We like to hi five, because we are awesome like that.

And finally, me.  I went to a BU (Boston University for those of you not in the know) hockey game dressed as a BU girl, circa 2003.  I’m pretty sure no one had any idea what I was going for, but it was fun regardless.  I had to borrow Uggs, as I am fundamentally against them, and that was my own sweatshirt, as I am a big college hockey fan, even though I didn’t go to BU (husband, sister in law, and her husband all did).


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ha ha that costume totally has me in giggles! Love the uggs with the demin skirt! Your look was totally achieved!

Comment by Camila

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