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October 16, 2009, 12:33 pm
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I know I’m late in posting this one, we did meet about 2 weeks ago to discuss the book.  But it’s ok, I’m pretty sure no one is keeping track….I hope.

This past month we read David Sedaris’ “When You are Engulfed in Flames.”  I’m not going to lie, I read this book when it first came out, so I didn’t re-read it for book club.  Not to mention the fact that my lovely friend Kelley had borrowed the book and I wouldn’t have had a chance to read it anyway (I lent her many David Sedaris books, even before this one came onto the book list).

I don’t really remember anything standing out about it, as when you read David Sedaris, or any other memoir, sometimes the stories run into one another.  I’ve read almost all of his books (“Me Talk Pretty One Day” being my absolute favorite), and normally love them.  I also love his family, especially his sister Amy and his brother Paul, aka the Rooster.

One problem I can sometimes have is that I will mix him up with Augusten Burroughs, who I have also read the complete collection of (minus his latest book, I should pick that one up sometime).  It’s funny how there are so many parallels to both of their lives, quirky families, they are both gay males living in NYC with a house somewhere else in “the country” (Sedaris in Provence, Burroughs in Western MA), somewhat strange childhoods (although Burroughs takes the cake on that one, for sure).

One thing that I love about both of them is that they are the kind of people who just move somewhere and do something.  I have always envied that quality in people, the ability to pick up and go wherever the wind takes them, and they’ll generally find some sort of job or livelihood to make ends meet.  I’m too used to my comfort zone, I own too much stuff, and since college there has always been another person and/or pet that I would need to take into consideration.  I crave stability and despise change, while they seem to embrace both.

I know this now has nothing to do with the actual book, but if you like David Sedaris, pick it up and read it.  You won’t be disappointed, and everyone loves a short story now and then to break up a big long novel.  Next month we’re reading a much heavier book, which still has yet to arrive from the library.  Here’s hoping I will finish it in time.


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