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My New Dining Table
October 12, 2009, 3:14 pm
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I can’t really say dining ROOM table, as all the rooms are open to each other.  So it’s the dining area table, but that implies that it’s small and undefined.  And this table is anything but.

When we bought our condo (actually, before we had finally closed) I somehow came up with the idea that we should get a giant farm table for our dining space.  The space could handle it, we like to entertain, we “called” Thanksgiving AGES ago, and we had previously been using my awesome 50’s retro kitchen table, but it was time to change it up a bit.  That table didn’t really fit in the space all that well to begin with, and didn’t go with my chandelier so much.  It was more of a kitchen table, not a dining table.

I set out upon a journey, starting with craigslist.  Now I normally love craigslist, but I don’t know what it was lately, hard economic times, people just being crazy, but everyone wanted top dollar for their old and outdated dining sets.  I’m not really a set kind of girl, so it took me a long time to weed through all the ads that didn’t apply to me.  And people, if you paid $5,000 10 years ago, there is no way I should be paying $2,500 now.  That doesn’t work out so well when you sit down and think about it.

I was like Goldilocks, no table was just right.  This one was too small, I hated the finish on that one, this one was far too expensive, etc.  People would give us suggestions, but nothing worked out quite right.  So I resigned myself to the possibility that we would not have our table in time for Thanksgiving.  Far worse things are going on in the world, but that made me pretty sad.

And then, one day, Apartment Therapy stepped in.  I follow them on my reader, and normally just look at the pictures for design inspiration.  But one day I actually read an article, an article about a man in RI who makes farm tables.  Well, I happen to live in Boston, and since RI is super tiny, that’s not very far away.  I checked out his site, and that was it.  He was reasonable.  REASONABLE rates for a custom built farm table?  What?!  What alter-universe was I living in?

I contacted him, we went to see his workshop, and next thing you know, we had commissioned a custom built farm table.  The man who made our newest member of the family is David Ellison, of the Lorimer Workshop.  He is incredibly friendly and welcoming, he’ll show you around his workshop, help you pick stains and finishes, and make the table to the size that you want.  And he delivers.  Well, I assume just in the “local” area.  I’ve never had something custom built before, and also never been so excited about a piece of furniture before.

He keeps you involved in the process, sending photos along the way, and letting you pick whatever stain and finish you like.  We struggled with the stain, as we have dark brown floors, brown leather furniture in the living area, and not a ton of bright color everywhere else.  The stain is actually a bit darker than the above photo, but I am in love.  You can see the woodgrain oh so well, and the character of the wood really comes through.  He uses reclaimed wood, which is both good for the environment, and also you never know what you are going to get with it!

We will be getting new chairs (and updates on that when we do), and plan to host many, many dinner parties around this new beauty.  In the process I also somehow was able to convince my husband to let me paint the coffee table teal, so I can’t wait to share that when it’s finished!


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